Constructing a Life – It may seem like an odd name for a blog.  For me, though, it is more than a blog.  It is about me actually trying to construct a life for myself, and this blog is my way of documenting what I do and to share my process with others.

Some background: I have several chronic illnesses.  The ones affecting me most at this point are Crohn’s Disease  and Chronic Fatigue.  These aren’t things I normally talk about, and illness isn’t really what this blog is about.  I do have a blog dedicated to chronic illness, but for now it is anonymous.  The names have been changed to protect the innocent.

This blog is about how I can construct a life given the challenges I have been given.  I can no longer simply ride the tide of events as I have most of my life.  Living has become a deliberate act for me.  I don’t choose to live a life that is nothing but doctors, hospitals and lying in bed all day.  I choose to embrace those things in life that are important to me to whatever extent I can.

I recognize that many things are going to be out of my reach.  I will probably never play in a band again, but I can still make music.  With the technology at my finger tips, I can write and record music without leaving my bed. I can’t go to cultural events as much as I would like to. Through the Internet and social media, though, I can interact with friends, fellow musicians, artists, foodies and all kinds of people who share my interests.  It is not ideal, but it can still be a life.

So why write a blog?  Because writing it down makes it real.  Within the confines of my own mind, it is easy to make promises to myself and then not follow through.  A blog gives me an external source of motivation to do the things I have in my head.  Doing them gives me something to write about.  Whether anyone reads this blog or not, I know it is here.  By committing to the blog, I am committing to course of action, and that is really the point of this whole exercise.

I don’t choose to allow my illnesses to define me.  Despite everything I have to contend with, I am still here.  As long as I am here, I will do what I can, as much as I can, for as long as I can.  This is my story…

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  1. I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but do you have access to a “real” naturopath? I have many friends who are married to doctors and who are very sick, but who won’t consider non-allopathic treatment, which is so sad. And then there are those like myself who never put doctors on a pedestal as all-knowing, who have had great luck in preventative medicine. Now, if I broke my leg, I’d certainly want a doctor – but I’m talking about the other problems that can’t be fixed with surgery or drugs. And it’s incredible how everything is so related in the body. Our naturopath regulated my husband’s thyroid, and he has no allergies anymore. It’s been years. And we never would have guessed his thyroid is off. Anyway, just putting this out there. Sorry if you’re bombarded by this kind of thing already. I just see a lot of suffering people who I know, personally, don’t have to. It’s a wretched way to live.
    PS your blog is great.

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog. Great thought to not allow your illnesses to define you. It may not be easy, but I strongly believe that’s the way for all of us. (And I mean that in a general sense, as for “illness” you could also read religion, or sexual orientation, or nationality, or whatever.)

  3. Hey–I stumbled by here via popchassid. There’s a big chance you’ve already heard this and this is just annoying and yet another person giving unhelpful advice, but I just wanted to share my mother’s experience–she had chronic fatigue syndrome when I was young and recovered by eating a macrobiotic diet. In any case, Shabbat shalom and you should have all blessings.

    • I never consider it annoying when someone is trying to be helpful. I’ve looked at macrobiotic but for a variety of reasons, it is not something I can do. I have to be very careful about what I try since the side effects can be devastating. Thanks for reading my blog.

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